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In 2002, Postle turned their attention to the Oil and Gas Drilling industry. A group of uniquely designed non-cracking wear resistant alloys was created to for hardbanding drill pipe. Tuffband NC was developed in 2002, followed by Duraband NC in 2007, the first 100% crack free hardbanding alloy for maximum wear

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Crack Free Hardfacing Wear Plate. US $ 116/Square Meter Video. No Crack High Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate. US $ 116/Square Meter Video. Super Hard High Hardness High Chrome Wear Resistant Bimetallic Steel Plates. US $ 100-460/Square Meter Video China Hardfacing Flux Cored Wire Manufacturers, Suppliers Description. 1.LQ276 is gas shielded hardfacing flux cored wire. 2.Provides an austenitic manganese deposit with very good crack resistance. 3.Excellent work harden properties,it is used for rebuilding components expose to high impact or heavy loads.

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Hart Wear Resistance Welding Wires for Wear Plates Type:LQ276 1.2mm 1.6mm HRC20~25. C:0.6%, Mn:13~15%, Cr:12~15%, hardness:HRC 30, LQ276 is an high chrome and high manganese Cr-Mn-alloy hardfacing flux cored wire. Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate Truck Bed Liner chromium carbide overlay wear plate truck bed liner wearable hardfacing excavator bucket teeth . Wodon wear plates are manufactured by welding one or multiple wear resistant layers on a medium or low carbon steel base plate.The overlay alloy has a high amount of chromium carbide hard particles which makes the plate have good wear and impact resistance.

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The multilayer hardfacing without preheating on low carbon steel base material < 15mm thickness is restricted to two hardfacing layers, as triple or more layers result in crack formation due to welding contraction strain. For low carbon steel base material 15mm thickness and for laying a third hardfacing layer on low carbon steel base material < 15mm thickness, preheating of base material to 200is required prior to hardfacing to prevent crack G65 Standard Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate China HP Plate (Huifeng Wear Resistant Industry Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1994, as the former Taiwan's Upking-Kurimoto Ltd., led by the president Mr. Zhang Kun-Mou. Using the world-famous Japanese KURIMOTO hardfacing welding patented technology, with welding materials produced by Vautid GmbH, HP Plate has become the most successful experts


FERRITE INSTANT HARDFACING-----A modern, quick effective alternative to normal hardfacing methods. Protects all surfaces from abrasive wear. Can be flame-cut to custom fit. Easy to install with Ferrite 639 Electrode. Lasts up to 12 times more than conventional hardfacing. HarDFaCING CoreD wIre Lincore 33 - Lincoln Electriclincore 33 produces a crack-free wear resistant deposit with a hardness range of 25-35 Hrc depending on material dilution and number of layers. Designed primarily as a final overlay on steel parts which need to be machined or as a build-up layer of other hardfacing materials.

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Leigong® is your global anti-wear partner produce hardfacing flux cored wires, wear plates, wear pipe,wear parts, hardfacing service over 20+ years experience. Product. Hardfacing cored wire; Hardbanding cored wire Wear Resistance. Crack free. 1. Extremely casing friendly. 2. Crack free (single and double layer) 3. No spalling or chipping. Hardface Technologies by Postle Industries, Inc. LinkedInHardbanding Solutions by Postle Industries has developed crack-free, casing friendly Duraband® NC hardbanding alloy for the most reliable wear protection for drill pipe applications without

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Hardfacing alloys for extreme wear protection. Postalloy® 2747-FCG is a tough iron base chrome/nickel/moly hot-working tool steel alloy. Postalloy® Postalloy 2747-FCG weld deposits are shock-resistant and are highly resistant to heat-checking, oxidation and wear. Postalloy® 299-MCO can help increase the life of critical components by up to Hardfacing Consumables Alloys InternationalApplications include:Groundnut oil expeller screws, brickwork extruder augers and mixers, wear plates, screens in the coal industry, sand pumps, chutes and handling equipment. AI-1785-TDS:AI-1785 is a Chromium, Tungsten, Molybdenum gas shielded hardfacing wire giving a heat treatable and forgeable martensitic deposit with a hardness of 52-55 HRc.

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Severe Impact Wear from severe pounding which tends to squash, gouge and crack the surface. Manganese steel deposits, which work harden in service, provide the greatest impact wear resistance. c. Abrasion Plus Impact Wear from gritty material accompanied by heavy pounding which tends to chip or crack, as well as grind, away the surface. d. Hardfacing Stick Electrodes - FlopowerHardfacing Stick Electrodes Hardalloy® 58 Hardalloy® 58 deposit is a martensitic alloy for hard, tough overlays on carbon and low alloy steel parts only. The deposit is sound with a good combination of impact and abrasion resistance. Proper preheat is required for crack-free deposits. Typical Applications coupling boxes dragline chain

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For welding of 13% Mn steel rail crossing where minimum 15 GMT life of the rail crossing is required. For welding bullet proof arm our quality steel plate. For welding hard or unidentified steels. For heavy, crack free buildups. The electrode can be used for dissimilar joints consisting of Hardfacing:the ten steps How to hardface:The ten-step Hardfacing involves several build-up layers:build-up to bring to the shape and dimensions; a buffer layer to reduce crack propagation and to ensure bonding; and a hardfacing layer to achieve the required wear characteristics. The buckets on a bucket wheel reclaimer will typically be subjected to abrasive and impact wear.

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Oct 29, 2014 · Fortunately, there is a solution available to provide long-lasting protection from this type of damage. This is a solution whereby wear-resistant steel plates are arc-welded to the equipment surface, using a welding overlay process. Our equipment protection solution is known in the welding Why Do Welds Crack On Wear Plate? - JADCO Wear Plate Chemistry Determines What Welding Alloy To Use. If you are welding plate, bar, angle, tube or casting, the first place to look is the chemistry of the base metal Not The Material Shape. You need to select the correct welding alloy to closely match the material. They need to be compatible. Wear plates can have a wide variety of alloying elements to enhance the wear performance of the steel.

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Overlay Plate. Carboklad CR33; Carboklad CR36; Uni-Lance Exothermic Cutting Torch; Wearmaster Tungsten Carbide Vibratory Feeder; Sintered Tungsten Carbide; 10 Reasons to Use Hardface Technologies; A-Max Wear Plate; Duraband Crack Free Hardfacing; Fronius Welding Equipment; Other Postle Industries Sites. Postle Industries Portal; Railroad HardfacingSmooth Chrome Carbide Overlay,Products - CS Wear M30 is developed for regular wear applications, it has excellent wear resistance and can take moderate impact, the plate is very flat and free of cracks, which results in lower friction and fewer hang-ups when handling bulk materials, the chromium carbide particles are well and uniformly distributed in the overlay layer, which improves the

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