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A-286 alloy (S66286) is an iron-based superalloy useful for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance up to 1300°F (704°C) and for lower stress applications at higher temperatures A-286 alloy is heat and corrosion resistant and can be age-hardened to a high strength level.

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A-286 alloy is an age-hardenable iron-based superalloy for applications requiring long-term high strength from -195°C-538°C. If short-term high strength properties are acceptable, the alloy can be used between 704-816°C. Oxidation resistance is high for continuous service to 816°C and intermittent to 982°C. Aqueous corrosion resistance of A286 Alloy - AMS 5731, 5732, 5525 Altemp Alloys, Inc.Incoloy® A286 is age-hardenable, iron-nickel-chromium superalloy appropriate for applications that require high tensile strength, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Altemp carries A286 in a variety of shapes and specifications including AMS 5731, 5732, and 5525.

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A286 Fasteners being an austenitic age-hardenable iron based super alloy stainless steel that is melted as AOD + ESR, AOD + VAR, or VIM + VAR is manufactured at TorqBolt. Cres-A286 fasteners have excellent strength even at high temperatures up to 1500 Degrees Fahrenheit. A286, Alloy 660 Hex Nuts & Bolts, A286 Studs Manufacturers Jul 09, 2018 · Alloy A-286 / 1.4980 is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy. Alloy A286 stainless steel fasteners, nuts and bolts are typically suitable for applications requiring heat resistance up to 700°C. A286, Alloy 660 Fastener Products:

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Being and austenitic Stainless Steel with 24 percent nickel content, Alloy A286 is an iron-base alloy which is easier to machine as compared to nickel-based precipitation-hardening steels. The machinability of Alloy A286 is similar to that of the austenitic stainless steels specifically Stainless steel type 310. Alloy Steel Age - Alloy A286Alloy A286 Stainless steel A286 is a heat and corrosion resistant austenitic iron-base material that can be age hardened to a high strength level. It is designed for use at temperatures up to 704°C (1300°F) where good corrosion resistance, excellent creep strength and high tensile strength are required.

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alloy a286 play an imminent role in the riding quality and performance of the vehicle, hence has to be selected very carefully with all the considerations in mind. These alloy a286 are made improvising the latest technologies for better sustainability and optimal performance of vehicles. Incoloy A286 Steel Material Suppliers - Lint steelsMar 07, 2019 · Incoloy Alloy® A-286 (sometimes referred to as A286 stainless steel) is a nickel and iron-based, austenitic superalloy that is useful for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance up to 1300F (704C), and for lower stress applications at higher temperatures. The mechanical properties of this alloy are developed by suitable solution annealing and precipitation hardening

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  • ApplicationsDescriptionNominal CompositionPhysical PropertiesTypical Mechanical PropertiesFor Further Information ContactIncoloy® Alloy A-286 is an age-hardenable Iron-Nickel-Chromium alloy with high strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. These properties are maintained up to about 1300°F (700°C). The high strength and excellent fabrication characteristics of Incoloy® alloy A-286 make the alloy useful for various components of aircraft and industrial gas turbines. In the age-hardened condition, A-286 has high strength at room temperature and good creep-rupture strength during extended high-teA286 Plate Manufacturers A286 Steel Plate Suppliers Alloy A286 Plates have excellent strength even at high temperatures up to 1500oF. This grade has excellent creep resistance making it excellent for critical high temperature applications such as jet engine components and high temperature fasteners and springs. A286 Plate Chemical Properties A286 Plate Mechanical Properties Incoloy® Alloy A-286 - American Special MetalsIncoloy® alloy A-286 (UNS S66286; W. Nr. 1.4980) is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum and titanium. It is agehardenable for high mechanical properties. The alloy maintains good strength and oxidation resistance at temperatures up to about 1300°F (700°C). The alloy is austenitic in all metallurgical conditions.

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    59 rows · Stainless Steel A286 is a precipitation-hardenable super-alloy based on iron. The material Stainless Steel Alloy 660 - Continental Steel & Tube CompanyAlloy 660 is a precipitation hardening austenitic stainless steel known for its impressive strength at high temperatures up to 700°C. Also sold under the names, UNS S66286, and A-286 alloy, Alloy 660 gains its strength from a high degree of uniformity. It has an impressive yield strength minimum of 105,000 psi and is commonly used []

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    Weight Calculator. Stainless Steel Alloy A286 UNS# S66286 is an iron-based austenitic super-alloy that exhibits high strength and good corrosion resistance. A286 offers high ductility and is superior to many other commercial alloys with comparable properties. Because of this metals desirable characteristics, it is often used in jet engines Technical Data SheetATI A286 alloy can be produced by AOD refining or vacuum induction melting. Vacuum arc or electroslag remelting procedures may be used to further refine the material. This alloy is designated Grade or Type 660 in several specifications. FORMS AND CONDITIONS AVAILABLE

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    A-286 is an iron-base superalloy commonly used for its combination of high-strength and good corrosion resistance at intermediate temperatures. The high-nickel content of A-286 and its sister alloys make them resistant to strain-induced phase transformations. Although also referred to as What Is a286 Alloy And What Is It Used For?Aug 20, 2019 · A286 stainless steel is one of the earliest and most versatile alloys used in the replacement of other stainless steel grades in high strength applications. A286 chemical formula. A286 alloy contains a number of metals, but it is primarily referred to as chromium-nickel.

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    Type A286 alloy is formed most easily in the solution treated condition. Typical room temperature tensile properties of material solution treated at 1800°F (982°C) are shown below.

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