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Stainless steel 1.4313 is a martensitic grade with high corrosion resistance, which exhibits good durability after good heat treatment. The mechanical properties of X3CrNiMo13-4 steel are due to the high concentration of Molybdenum and Nickel in the chemical composition. These alloy additives have limited the need to increase the carbon content

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Dec 02, 2018 · The Alloy Super 13CR Material is developed from the standard 13Cr grade and supply elevated mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The low carbon improves weldability while sustaining the martensitic microstructure. Cr tubulars have been categorized as prone to thread galling, JFE Steel recommends to make use of FOX® and JFEBEAR ALLOY SUPER 13CR (S41425) Hardened and Tempered Bar ALLOY SUPER 13CR (S41425) Hardened and Tempered Bar - Martensitic Stainless Steel - Matmatch. Metal.

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ALLOY SUPER 13CR / UNS S41427 - Sverdrup Steel. API 5CT L80 Casing Pipes & Tubes - Neon AlloysHigh Nickel Alloy Round Bars & Rods; Stainless Steel Round Bars & Rods; Carbon Steel Round Bars & Rods; Alloy Steel Round Bars & Rods; Aluminium Round Bars & Rods; Copper Nickel Round Bars & Rods; Special Product. C72900 (WROUGHT) C96900 (COUNTINUOUS CAST) MOLD ALLOYS; ALLOY SUPER 13CR / UNS S41427; API 5CT L80; AISI 420 Round Bar; Product

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Apr 03, 2005 · In addition, whilst general application limits have been set for the 13Cr super martensitic stainless steel grades UNS S41425, UNS S41426 and UNS S41427 within NACE MR0175/ISO 15156-31, no specific application limits have been specified for these alloy types for higher yield strength grades (i.e. with a Specified Minimum Yield Strength (SMYS) 110ksi) or with the associated higher hardness Bosch, Christoph SPEABSTRACT. Alloy UNS (1) N08825 is a titanium-stabilized fully austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloy with addition of copper and molybdenum. The alloy was designed for applications in the chemical process industry and was later applied in the oil and gas industry. Because of its high nickel content, UNS N08825 shows an outstanding resistance to stress corrosion cracking in aqueous and acidic

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ToughMet 3 Alloy in the cast and spinodally hardened (CX) condition exhibits tensile strength up to 120 ksi and hardness up to HRC 34 in a Copper - 15% Nickel - 8% Tin alloy with excellent machinability. Available in UNS C72900 Round Bar, Toughmet 3 C72900 Round Bar, C72900 Toughmet 3 Rods, C72900 Toughmet 3 Forged Bars & Toughmet 3 Hot Rolled CRA Alloys Guide13 Chrome 5CT 13Cr L80 13CR 420 Mod 13Cr L80 S42000 0.15 to Super 13 Chrome 5CRA Group 1 13-5-2 PSL 1 & 2 S41426 0.03 11.5 to Alloy Family Alloy Type API Category Trade Names UNS Number Chemical Composition PREN API Grade 0.2% Yield Str.

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4 (9) Use Jet-LH-8018-C1 or Excalibur 7018-1 when high impact properties (CVN) down to -75°F are required. (28) Use of Shield-Arc 90 should be limited to For technical support please refer to SM13CRS-95L80-13CR (H. 2. S < 1.5 psia, pH > 3.5) may be too optimistic, especially in presence of large amount of Chloride ions. On the other hand, NACE MR0175/ISO15156 does not differentiate SSC resistance of Conventional API L80-13CR versus Super 13CR, while the

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Alloy 13Cr is the material which is developed from the quality Grade 13Cr. It provides increased mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. While maintaining the martensitic microstructure the low carbon gets improved weldability. Grade Super 13 CR, UNS S41426 UNS S41426 Carbon Manganese Phosphorus Sulfur Silicon Chromium Nickel ium Grade Super 13 CR Grade Super 13 Cr & 13-5-2 Tube - Howco GroupUNS S41426 :UNS S41427 General scope. Both grades developed from the standard 13Cr and 420 Modified grades offer enhanced mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The low carbon improves weldability whilst maintaining the martensitic microstructure.

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So, UNS S41425 presents 0.060.12%N, while the UNS S41426 has Ti (0.010.50%) and V (<0.50%) microadditions, and finally the UNS S41427 has only V (0.010.50%). This way, the ISO 15156/NACE [4] specifies different operational limits and maximum hardness allowable for the three grades of supermartensitic steel. Materials for Oil & Gas Applications. - Copper and Brass Super 13Cr 95 (S41427) (ASTM A276, A564, A959) API 6A CBS_OGS13Cr95 Martensitic stainless, high performance, corrosion resistance and high temperature. S13Cr 95 meets the requirements of NACE MRO175/ISO 15156. Drill collars, packers, line pipe, mandrels etc. 4.75 - 8.75 105,000 Min 95,000 - 120,000 20% 40% 28 HRC Max +14° F 44 Ft-lbs Avg

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Available in mechanical tube dimensions of 76.1 mm (3") od to 280.49 mm (11.04") od / 9.53 mm (0.38") wall to 38.61 mm (1.52") wall Length range up to 13.12 m (43') Available in bar dimensions of:50.8 mm (2") to 762 mm (30") Length range up to 9.14 m (30') S99-01 - Alloy design of super 13Cr martensitic stainless S99-01 - Alloy design of super 13Cr martensitic stainless steel (Development of super 13Cr martensitic stainless steel for line pipe - 1) (English) Kondo, K. / Ogawa, K. / Amaya, H. / Hirata, H. / Ueda, M. / Takabe, H. / Miyazaki, Y. / Belgian Welding Institute / Fabrique de Fer

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Copper Alloys. NI AL BRONZE UNS C63000; Alloy 25 CuBe; CuBe Tubing UNS C17200; ToughMet® 3; Ferritic, Martensitic & PH Steels. 17-4PH UNS S17400; 420 Mod UNS S42000; SUPER 13cr UNS S41427-95ksi; SUPER 13cr S41427-110ksi UNS S41000 - Rolled Alloys, Inc.AL-6XN® alloy (UNS N08367) is a low carbon, high purity, nitrogen-bearing "super-austenitic" stainless alloy. The AL6XN alloy was designed to be a seawater

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Oct 12, 2016 · Further to the very helpful response to thread330-393368:Welding 316L to 13Cr - Use 316L wire? I have now been asked to look at welding 316L to Super 13 Martensitic UNS S41426 (SM13CRS)with 110ksi yield - I am trying to understand the recommendations for this - the weld spec says 309 filler wire, is that Ok.STEEL SUPER 13 Cr UNS S41427 - Liberty House GroupSF 13/2/5 (UNS S41427) is a martensitic stainless steel that provides enhanced corrosion resistance suitable for NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156 applications with strength and toughness superior to that of a standard 13% Cr steel. Delivering superior strength and toughness than standard 13% Cr steel.

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