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A 72" Multi-Flex plug may be inserted through a 15" opening! Custom Configurations; Custom Flexible and Rigid Plugs may be manufactured for any shape, high temperature, and severe chemical applications. Inflatable Plug Warning; Maximum head pressures that a pipe plug

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Petersen® Maximum Pipe Size:3 in 76 mm:Minimum Pipe Size:2.812 in 71 mm:Maximum Head Pressure:100 psig 230 ft:By-Pass Port in National Pipe Thread (NPT) 1/8 F:Shipping Weight:2 lb:Additional Information; These plugs come standard with solid rubber nitrile seals. Available with solid rubber seals or inflatable seals. All Types of Inflatable Pipe Plugs with BypassBypass pipe plug, as its name implies, are equipped with bypass to enable the flow of sewage through the plug.Not only can bypass pipe plug be used as blocking pipe plug, but also allows for flow-through testing and monitoring when the plastic cup is removed.They are ideal for installation and repair of residential, commercial or municipal piping applications such as sanitary, storm sewer pipe

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COB's Pipe Plug division has grown into an extensive product line with plugs for almost any application including Low Pressure Expansion Plugs, FME (Foreign Material Exclusion), Multi-Size Inflatable and Bypass Plugs from 2 96, High Pressure Test Plugs, Qwik-Sealfast Self-Restraining Plugs, Chemical Resistance Plugs and much more. Cherne Inflatable Pipe Plug 265048 - Promag EnviroThe Cherne Muni-Ball® is ideal for installation and repair of residential or commercial piping applications. Cherne Muni-Ball® products can be used for maintenance of municipal infrastructure, including sanitary and storm sewer pipe systems. Muni-Ball® plugs are durable, rugged and are effective on almost any type of pipe.

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High Expansion, Light Duty, Abrasion Resistant Inflatable Pipe Plugs. High Expansion Inflatable Pipe Plugs allow easy placement by one man. Flexibility allows Multi-Size plugs to navigate through small hot tap or branch pipe into large pipeline; then inflate with air or water. Typically used for plugging or testing of pipelines especially when Inflatable Pipe Plugs - COB Industries - Pipe Plugs, Pipe NEED TO SEAL A PIPE BUT ONLY HAVE SMALL ACCESS TO INSERT / REMOVE THE PIPE PLUG Use the Qwik-Fit Cylinder Plugs when there is a need to hold back small amounts (low pressure) of water with reduced access to the pipe. For higher back pressure applications see the Multi-Size Inflatable Pipe Plugs / Stoppers.. STANDING WATER, HEAD PRESSURE UP TO 40 FT, BACK

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SAVA inflatable pipe plugs can be conformed to almost any pipe configuration. Their small deflated size makes insertion and operations fast, easy, and safe. Filling the plugs with air or inert gas lets them expand to completely block pipes for maintenance, construction, or other projects. Mechanical Pipe Plug - Bing - ShoppingOne-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniforms

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Petersen Products Co. Yesterday at 11:22 AM ·. "Every custom project comes with challenges, but we can always overcome them to develop the best solution for our customer's situation. We manufacture unique geometries and can mold plugs to meet almost any shape. If customers tell us the specs and what they need, we take care of the rest." Petersen Products Co - Posts FacebookPetersen Products Co. 28 likes. Manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Plugs and related engineered products

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Petersen's Multi-Flex Inflatable Pipe Plug Instruction Video Oil Resistant Pipe Plug, Multi-Flex® 1 3/4" And Larger, With & Without Bypass, 114 & 115 Series The instructions are relevant for all Petersen Multi-Flex Inflatable Plugs. Petersen Products Company Profile - Environmental XPRTPetersens first patent was issued to George Petersen in 1916, the grandfather of the current CEO Phil Lundman. The company has been in the family over 100 years, producing high quality specialty equipment for pipeline and wastewater contractors and engineers. The third and fourth generation is involved and the fifth on the way. Contact us for Custom and Standard Inflatable Pipe Plugs


Same Day shipping on Low Pressure Mechanical Pipe Plugs for almost any application. Contact us today or order online. Sign in or Create an Inflatable Pipe Stoppers. Regular price From $241.84 USD $241.84 USD. Solid Stem Nylon Mechanical Pipe Plugs (1/2"-1½") Head back to our main website for many more products and technical info. https Pipe Plugs - Mechanical and Inflatable, expansion pipe plugsWATER PRESSURE / BACK PRESSURE up to 150 PSI For applications involving higher backpressures or pressure testing up to 150 PSI, we have inflatable Medium-Pressure Roll-up Plugs with a braced pressure rating of up to 150 PSI, or the Qwik-Sealfast Plugs which are self-restraining Pipe plugs (no additional bracing or restraining required) that have set-screws that hold the plug in place and are available with either an inflatable or mechanical seal. These pipe plugs

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Manufacture of pipe plugs and pipe plug seals for all your pipe plugging needs. Your source for a complete line of low, medium, and high pressure pipe plugs, inflatable plugs, bag plugs, nylon plugs, aluminum plugs, cylinder plugs and pipe plug kits . We also make custom plugs Plugs, InflatableOften the lowest cost way to plug a larger diameter low pressure pipeline. The Petersen Multi-Size Pillow Plugs are available with or without a flow-thru bypass. The Pillow Plug will generally form to the shape of almost any pipe. The Pillow Plug is very flexible so large sizes may generally be inserted through a manhole.

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Jun 04, 2018 · Petersen Inflatable By-Pass Plugs For Most Pipe Sizes By-Pass Design Allows Continuous Flow While Pipeline is Under Repair By-Passing Damaged Pipe Area l. Connect both By-Pass Plugs with hose and pump, if necessary, on either side Of damaged pipe area. 2. Insert and inflate both By-Pass Plugs. Tech Tips by NA sscO isSewer pipe plugs are usually cylinder-shaped devices inserted into pipelines and inflated against the walls of the pipe to temporarily stop flow. Sections of pipe are then isolated for repair or rehabilitation. Plugs vary in size, shape, material composition and pressure rating to accommodate almost any pipeline configuration.

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One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniforms flow stopper (Pipe Plugs - Water and Wastewater) Flowstop offers Elliptical inflatable plugs that are stoppers or flow throughs:Flowstop Model E1930FT is a single 2' Flow Through. Call for details and pricing. We also design and develop custom pipe plugs, call with your specs. FlowStop features elliptical pipe plugs in 2 sizes, offered as Stopper or Flow

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Nov 20, 2018 · Click for Bore Hole & Well Packers 126-Series Petersen Products offers solutions to all your pipeline repairs projects with high-quality inflatable packers that can withstand the most demanding applications. Our CIPP pipe linings can be built for various needs to fit your specifications.

We are the professional supplier who can meets all kinds of steel and fabrication requirements. If your required steel parts need cutting, welding, drilling, rolling, bending, forming, grinding, stamping and so on machining, we are ready to serve you.


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