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Not available with thermowell. Type 7B Rigid Thermocouple Probe Type 7B Rigid Thermocouple Probe Assemblies with Hex Fitting This probe is usually used in applications requiring direct immersion. It is available in 316 SS or Inconel 600 (1/4 dia.). Explosion-Proof. Factory Mutual approved. Class I Div. 1 Groups B, C, D, Class II Div. 1

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Welding is performed by certified welders using inert gas shielded arc. Lagging Extension:Specify as 260FL or 385FL. Add "T" lagging to 2-1/4" head dimensions. 260FH SERIES Tapered Flanged Thermowells for 1/4" diameter elements. 385FH SERIES Tapered Flanged Thermowells for 3/8" diameter elements. Flange:1", 1-1/2" and 2" flanges in all GROUND JOINT TYPE THERMOWELLSGROUND JOINT TYPE THERMOWELLS Rev. 3 PART NUMBER B BORE D 722B 722C 722E 724C 724E 725E 0.260 0.260 0.260 0.385 0.385 0.515 5/8 3/4 7/8 3/4 7/8 7/8 PART NUMBER B BORE Q 742B 742C 742E 0.260 0.260 0.260 5/8 3/4 7/8 P Weld Checking & Performance Options DB Dye Penetrant Check both root and final pass of flange weld DC Dye Penetrant Check

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The basic thermowell types include:threaded, socket weld, weld in, flanged, sanitary and van stone. The threaded type is generally the least costly and most versatile. The schematic of a typical thermowell and all parts required to specify a thermowell for proper selection is shown below: Limited Space, Weld-In ThermowellsLimited Space Thermowells. Limited space thermometer wells for 1/4 diameter stems with 2 1/2 stem lengths. Application. Bimetal thermometers, thermocouples and RTDs with 1/4 diameter stems and 2 1/2 length. Thread Connections. Standard wells have either a 3/4 or 1 NPT process connection and a 1/2 NPT internal thread.

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For example, if we want our thermowell to be immersed 4 into the process liquid, and have 2 of insulation on our pipe:U = 4, T= 2, plus the standard 2-1/4.So the overall length of the thermowell is 8-1/4 and the S length is 8. Product Data Sheet:Rosemount 114C ThermowellsProduct Data Sheet June 2019 00813-0200-4952, Rev EB Rosemount 114C Thermowells Wide variety of industry standard process connections including flanged, threaded, welded, and Van Stone. Large selection of thermowell materials to ensure proper process compatibility from stainless steel to exotic materials such as duplex and alloy C-276. Additional thermowell options and certificates


THREADED, WELD-IN, & SOCKET WELD THERMOWELLS #6 SENSOR LENGTH NO LAG WITH LAG STANDARD U (INSERTION) DEPTH [15] T DIMENSION H #4 Alloy 800H/HT F5 F9 F91 F22 F11 Carbon steel 304 Stainless steel Low Carbon 304 Stainless steel Temperature Thermowells Socket Weld Thermowell Ashcroft ® socket weld thermowell isolates and protects a temperature instruments sensing element from pressurized, high velocity and corrosive media. These are typically used where exposed threads may collect contaminants such as in food processing or pharmaceutical production. They ensure longer life and accurate measurement while allowing the sensing instrument to be removed without

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Oct 05, 2018 · Flanged Thermowells:A flanged thermowell features a flange collar, which located on the mating flange. This mating flange is associated with a pipe nozzle. Socket Weld Thermowells:These thermowells may be directly welded into the socket of weldolet. Alternately, these devices may be welded into the pipe wall. Thermowell Weld Type - Straight FAV Fittings & ValvesSome Common Sizes for Thermowell Weld Type Straight are. FAV SS 316 Straight Thermowells Weld Type. Instrument Connection 1/2 NPT Female. Process Connection 1/2 NPT Male. Insertion Length = 6 Bore =6 mm . FAV SS 316 Straight Thermowells, Weld Type. Instrument Connection 3/4 NPT Female. Process Connection 1/2 NPT Male

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Thermowell weld-in type per DIN 43772 form 4, solid drilled, female thread Type series HB8010 LABOM Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH Im Gewerbepark 13 27798 Hude Germany Data sheet T5-030_2019-04_10.00 Hotline:+49 4408 804-444 Fax:+49 4408 804-100 e-mail:[email protected] labom Page 1/2 Materials material-no. T max. P max.* Thermowells - DP FlowThe weld in type thermowell is a low cost item, but the disadvantage is that the well is not removable for inspection or replacement. The standard weld in size is 38 mm (1 1/2"), 26.9 mm (3/4" nominal pipe size) or 33.4 mm (1" nominal pipe size).

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DB_T5-051_en_10.01 2021-03 Thermowells Page 2/4 Technical data Temperature sensor Temperature sensor:see Type series GA2730, data sheet T4-017 Screwing:Union nut M12 x 1 with spring contact system for best heat transfer Response time:Thermowell 6 x 1 mm without heat sink comp. t90=15 s with heat sink comp. t90 = 6 s Thermowells General InstrumentsThermowells are designed and manufactured confirming to ASTM PTC 19.3 and Wake frequency calculation is performed based on latest version 2010 to ensure the optimum suitable design of thermowell. Types:Bar stock threaded, Type, Bar Stock Flanged, Bar stock weld-in type, fabricated threaded, fabricated flanged, fabricated weld-in, Sleeved

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Weld-in Thermowells Market Segmentation:Type:1. Weld-in Straight Thermowell:2. Weld-in Tapered Thermowell:3. Weld-in Stepped Thermowell :Material:1. Stainless Steel:2. Carbon Steel:3. Alloy:4. ium:5. Others :Bore Size:1. 0.26 2. 0.385 End-use Industry:1. Water & Wastewater:2. Pharmaceutical & Biotech:3. Food & Beverage:4. Chemical & Petrochemical Plants :By Region:1. Weld-in thermowell (solid-machined) For welding Weld-in thermowell (solid-machined) For welding sockets Model TW20 Weld-in thermowell, design TW20-A Applications Tapered thermowell form Connection type Stem length l1 S, 4 or 5 l1 = U + H - 10 mm [0.4 in] 2 l1 = U + H - 30 mm [1.2 in] Suitable stem lengths (dial thermometers)

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Solid-machined thermowells are manufactured from barstock. The TW20 series of solid-machined weld-in thermowells are suitable for use with numerous electrical and mechanical thermometers from WIKA. Due to the heavy-duty design, these international design thermowells are the first choice for use the chemical and petrochemical industries and in Weld-in thermowell - TW25 - WIKA IndiaThe TW25 series of solid-machined weld-in thermowells are suitable for use with numerous electrical and mechanical thermometers from WIKA. Due to the heavy-duty design, these international design thermowells are the first choice for use the chemical and petrochemical industries and in plant construction. Similar products.

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WELDED THERMOWELLS. Reotemp Welded Thermowells make it possible to remove an instrument without dropping pressure or losing the contents of the process. Thermowells also protect the instrument from getting bent by the process media. Weld-in thermowells are welded directly to a pipe or tank, providing a very high quality connection.Thermowell weld-in type per DIN 43772, - KLINGERThermowell weld-in type per DIN 43772, form 4, solid drilled, female thread, Type series HB8010 Data sheet T5-030 Rev. 1K4 Materials material-no. T max. P max.* stainless steel 1.4571 550°C 150 bar stainless steel 1.4404 550°C 150 bar tempering steel C 22.8 450°C 150 bar heat-resistant steel 13CrMo44 1.7335 500°C 150 bar

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